I first discovered this breed years ago and fell in love with their personalities, compact size, and beautiful colors.   After taking 1 year to research and educate myself about the breed.  For another year we put up fence and refurbished a barn, in-between projects we traveled across the country to put together a herd we are proud of . 

We are members of American Dairy Goat Association and American Goat Society.   We believe in quality care for all of our animals and we strive to be as holistic as possible.   I know all the personalities and quirks of our herd, after all they are our 4 legged friends.  As a fully functioning farm, Randy and I work to practice sustainability so we stay busy with our family farm of Nigerian Dwarf Goats as well as our angus cows, and Hampshire/Suffolk sheep, two Australian Shepherds, a Pomapoo, and Pomeranian.  We are located in Palo, Iowa