Who teaches the class?

Kimberly Arjes is your teacher with over 10 years of practicing yoga and she received her 200 hour certification and provides a lovely thoughtful class.  On occasion we may have guest teachers as well that are also 200 hour certified. 

Do you offer private parties or team builders?

Yes if you are interested in a private group session or team builder please email us at Iowagoatyoga@gmail.com

Are the goats potty trained? 

No, however goats are vegetarians and its just a small dropping, if it happens we can clean your mat or provide a fresh mat. 

Do I bring my own yoga mat? 

We provide the mat for you 

Do you have a hand washing station? 

Yes, we provide a salt scrub cleanser and water station 

Can I take pictures before and after class? 

Yes, we have time before and after class to help with photos, during class we ask phones are put away so you can truly be in the moment. 

Can people come to observe or watch? 

No we want all those in class to feel relaxed and not worry about being watched 

Is this class for beginners or experienced yogis? 

This is an Anusara/aliegnment  oriented class great for those that are new to yoga as well as experienced yogis 

Do you offer refunds? 

No, unless we cancel class due to weather conditions (we will notify you if weather is going to prohibit a class) 

How do I sign up? 

You can see class times/date on our fb page (in 2019 we will offer tickets to classes here on this site click on Home or Iowa Goat Yoga tab drop down events page) 

Are your class sizes limited? 

Yes we limit classes to ensure a wonderful goat to people ratio and proper guidance on yoga form