Bear Park Bluffs rr Helen

Bear Park Bluffs rr Helen

Helen is the most loving and happy little gold doe with brown (gold) eyes.   Great bloodlines.  As a ff she delivered twin boys and is an attentive mother and twins in 2020 chocolate blue eyed w/moonspots and a little gold doe for a lovely set of twins, and 2021 one gold doe w/blue eyes

 She will be bred with Benjamin this fall for April 2022 kids.  Gold  and or Chocolate coloring and blue eyes expected.  Contact me by phone to be put on the waiting list for one of Helen's lovely kids.

 Helen's Sire is Harlequin nw Rock-n-Roll and her Dam is Bear Park Bluff zz Daisy. 


Lola is Chocolate w/moonspots and blue eyes.  She is on the shy side but loves her Uncle Taft (wethered) and hanging near her sister Maggie She was featured on the FarmHer see her on youtube as a little kid.

She will be bred as ff to Grant this fall for April kids.  Anticipating blue eyed gold/chocolate off spring.

Sire: Tyny Teddy, Dam: Bear Park Bluffs RR Helen


Dreamer's Farm Bess

Dreamer's Farm Bess

Bess is a very smart diva, she's a chocolate chamoisee with moon spots and blue eyes.  

She will be bred to George this fall for May 2022 kids, she delivered  twins for 2021, both red w/moonspots blue eyes (retained).   Excited to see what 2022 brings for Bess.  Call to be placed on waitlist for her beautiful kids.

Bess's Sire is Prairie Wood pb Moon Shadow and her Dam is Dreamer's Farm Leigh.  Bess is AGS registered.



"Babs" Easy going, relaxed and best friends to Regan, black and white with blue eyes and great milk lines.  In 2020 Babs had quads and all were dam raised - amazing milk production

 She will be bred with Abe this fall for May 2021 kids, she delivered triplets moonspotted and blue eyed (2 retained).  Please call to be added to the waitlist for her kids.

 Bab's Sire: MCH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues +SE and her Dam is Prairie Wood Hot Polly Poppers *D.


Marilyn is gold with white overlay and pinto markings and blue eyes.  The image of her dam exept in gold coloring, so happy and loves to snuggle. 

She is a ff will be bred to Teddy this fall for December 2021 kids. Update: 12/4/2021 - 1 Buckling, 1 Doeling

Sire: Fenview GN Ulysses, Dam: Prairie Wood Barbara


New Moon ms LadyBird

New Moon ms LadyBird

"LadyBird" The doe that's friends with everyone in the herd.  She's a beautiful polled, buckskin roan with brown eyes.  As a ff she had triplets in 2018 and in 2019 had a very flashy buckling and triplets in 2020.

 She will be bred with George this fall for January 2022 babies.  Anticipating possible and polled kids.   Update Dob: 2/3/2022 Quads, 3 Bucklings, 1 Doeling (two naturally polled)

LadyBird's Sire is New Moon mm Meteor Shower (Little Tot's Estate in pedigree) and her Dam is New Moon fh Sadie. 


New Moon ms Martha

New Moon ms Martha

"Martha" A the mirror image to her Momma Sadie is buckskin with white and deep brown eyes.  As a ff she had one beautiful doe that was very well fed and twin boys in 2019, and flashy twins in 2020 and was amazing with her quads in 2021

She will be bred to Teddy this fall  - Update Dob: 1/31/2022 Twins, 1 Buckling, 1 Doeling

Martha's Sire is New Moon mm Meteor Shower and her Dam is New Moon fh Sadie.


Cocos Ranch Dolley

Cocos Ranch Dolley

"Dolley" A true independent thinker she will come to you when she wants to, very stunning black with light roaning and intense blue eyes.  As a ff in 2020 Dolley had an adorable little buckling, and has been an incredible doting mother, she had triplets in 2021 and is an incredible momma to her kids.

Dolley will be bred to Sam  this fall - Due date May 2021, blue eyes and moonspots possible

Dolley's Sire is Tyny Teddy and her Dam is New Moon ms Martha. 


"Reagan" The doe that thinks she's a person, and best buddies to Babs is black with moon spots with an impressive pedigree.

 Reagan will be bred to Abe again this fall for spring January 2022 kids. blue eyes, moonspots possible.  She had triplets in 2020 flashy black/white and a little moonspotted kid, 2021 she had black and white twins stunning.  Update Dob: 2/1/2022 Triplet doelings, all blue eyed (two retained)

Reagan's Sire is Dill's bm Buzzed on Suds, and her Dam is Blackwing Gypsy Miracle.


Cocos Ranch Grace

Cocos Ranch Grace

"Grace" came into this world tiny but as a triplet quickly discovered her fun side she's black and white roan (blue color hue)with blue eyes.    She loves being with her sister Elizabeth and basking in the sun.  As a ff in 2020 she had perfect little twins and 2021 also had blue eyed twins!

Grace will be bred with Grant: Due date May 2021, blue eyes, flashy coloring expected

Gracie's Sire is Robbins Farm Abe and her Dam is New Moon fh Sadie.


Cocos Ranch Elizabeth

Cocos Ranch Elizabeth

"Elizabeth" The first to be born out of triplets has a love for people she's buckskin roan with white and blue eyes.   Her passion in life being with her sister Grace and basking in the sun and following me like a puppy during chore time

Elizabeth will be bred to Benjamin  this fall for May 2021 kids: blue eyes and lots of pattern expected.  Just like her sister Grace, Elizabeth had twins in 2020 as a ff, in 2021 she had lovely triplets

Elizabeth's Sire is Robbins Farm Abe and her Dam is New Moon fh Sadie.


"Mary" The dearest doe that just loves to be held is Pinto spotted tri-colored. She has a little white heart on her head.

Mary will be bred as a ff to Sam this fall for April 2022 kids.  She had triplets in 2021 as ff and is so patient with her kids.

Mary's Sire is Bear Park bluffs rr George and her Dam is New Moon ms LadyBird


"Abby" is just as playful as her mom & dad - loving and acrobatic.  She is gold with chocolate and silver moonspots and blue eyes. 

Abby will be bred to Teddy this fall for April 2022 kids.  Moonspotted, blue eyed kids possible.  She had twins (one retained) in 2021 as a ff.  Please call to be added to the waitlist for her kids.

Abby's Sire is Fenview GN Ulysses Dam is Dreamers Farm Bess 


"Margaret" She prefers to go by Maggie, is Chocolate with gold and minimal white pinto markings.  She is gentle and stays faithfully in her momma Helen's shadow.

Maggie will be bred with George this fall for March 2022 kids. As a ff she had gorgeous twins in 2021.  Blue eyed kids possible.  Please call to be added to the waitlist for her lovely kids.

Margaret's Sire is Tyny Teddy and her Dam is Bear Park Bluffs RR Helen. DOB: 5/15/19


"Ida" Beautiful Chamoisee with extensize white overlay and brown eyes.  She is the image of her momma Peaches, she loves people and favorite hobby is letting people know she's ready for attention.  

Ida will be bred to Abe this fall for March 2022 kids, blue eyed kids possible.  As ff she had one well fed singleton lovely roaned buckskin.  Please call to be added to the waitlist.

Sire: Tyny Teddy, Dam: Gerle Ranch Princess Peach


Julia is a quiet sweetheart, buckskin w/moonspots. She is the twin sister to Pocahontis.  We retained her first three kids  and she loves to cuddle with them.

Julia had triplets in 2020 and 2021 all moonspotted.   She will be bred to Teddy again this fall for March 2022  

DOB: 6/8/2018 Sire: Smithville's Farm TM Leo Lion Dam: Gerle Ranch Princess Peach


Pocahontis has become one of the friendliest does she loves her sister and is the first to see if i have any special treats for her.

Pocahontis will be bred to Teddy this fall for March 2022 kids.  She had twins in 2020 and 2021, solid milk production and excellent mothering. 

DOB: 6/8/2018 Sire: Smithville's Farm TM Leo Lion Dam: Gerle Ranch Princess Peach

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"Sadie" Deceased - 4/22/2010 - 11/12/19 the original matriarch of our herd is a red/black buckskin roan with white, she had mesmerizing brown eyes that you could almost see a glimpse of the universes secrets.  In 2017 she had twins, and 2018 triplets and is a wonderful mother., 2019 she had quintuplets.   She will forever be in my heart as a strong leader to her herd, but always willing to gently follow me where ever I asked her to go. until we meet again my friend rest in peace.

Sadie's Sire is Legacy's ms Fire Hawk and her Dam is SM3Pines rs Rhapsody



"Peaches" Deceased 4/26/12 - 10/31/19 Chamoisee w/extensive white overlay and gentle brown eyes.  She was our sweet talkative easy going girls that loved her people friends.  She had twin girls in 2018, and triplets in 2019.   I can still hear her distinctive dry voice and think of her grazing in the pasture happy and content with her kids near by, I will miss you my freckled friend until we meet again rest easy.


Tyny Teddy

Tyny Teddy

"Teddy" The charismatic charmer is a flashy black, white and gold buck with blue eyes.   His friendly nature is why all his goat buddies  love him.  

He will breed to Helen, Julia and Pocahontis this fall for spring 2020 kids.  Please call to be added to waitlist.

Teddy's Sire is Tyny Lil Man and Dam is Tyny Zanacts. 



"Abe" is a stunning but shy guy, he's black roan with white and blue eyes. 

He will be bred to Reagan and Martha this fall for spring 2020 kids.   Please call to be added to the waitlist for an opportunity to own one of his kids.

Abe's Sire is Robbins Farm King Tut and his Dam is Robbins Farm Emma Lou.


George is playful silly and happy buckskin w/extensive white overlay and brown eyes. 

He will breed to LadyBird and Elizabeth and Grace this fall for spring 2020 kids.  Please contact me by phone to be added to the waiting list.

George's Sire is Bear Park Bluffs bw Pascal (J-nels in pedigree) and his Dam is Dragonfly ih  Northern Flicker.


"Ulysses" (deceased) was the coolest, chill, buck around he was gold w/brown moon spots and brown eyes. We retained three of his offspring to carry on his bloodline and I see his joy in each of his kids, I miss him every day.

Ulysses's Sire is Wood & Stream wb Gold Nugget and Fenview Nakita.


Taft is our resident wethered boy/pet and is also Helen's twin brothern and Uncle to Lola and Maggie.  He  has taken over as protector of the does since Sadie's passing.  He is the first one to the barn door to protect the does and he is right there to make sure all those that enter the barn are friendly .  He can be loving and he can be ornery he's a great member of our herd.